Ariaban Essence

The equine, desert oasis of Al Ghaniyim Stud is a short hour and fifteen minutes’ drive from Kuwait City.   Long before reaching the stud’s front gates, is the welcoming vision on the horizon of the tremendous fountain that can be seen for miles, and has become the stud’s signature.
There is a calmness that comes over one as the gates open, the stud is one of the most serene places on the planet …. For sure for people, and undoubtably for the remarkable horses that so peacefully grace the green pastures of Al Ghanayim Stud.   
The Al Wafra region of Kuwait is arguably home to the finest Straight Egyptian Arabian horses in the world.  Within ten miles of each other the quality of Egyptian Arabian horses is literally, indescribable.  If you have never been to Kuwait, you cannot imagine the jewels… like we have not seen before.  Possibly even more interesting to study from Kuwaiti breeders today is to take in the result of what they have accomplished by crossing their, many times very closely line bred straight Egyptians with fantastic stallions and mares of international purebred Arabian bloodlines. 
As the Al Ghanayim Stud’s gate closes behind the vehicle, there is one very distinct difference pertaining to the expansive view of the farm’s pastures, in Al Wafra .   The horses mares are not white…. They are an incandescent black,  a deep rich extraordinary color of black that many that have spent their lives with Arabian horses have never seen.   It is a stunning vision.
From each of those beautiful mares there is a “back story”.  Stories that may include many months of negotiations, some on price, but mostly on a promise to care for , cherish and love them as they have been loved.   Ayad, has made good on that promise many times over. 
That kind of care begins first with quality people… “ I met Mr. Ayad’s veterinarian, it was late one night and his staff after a long day of shooting photos were bringing mares in for pregnancy checks.  The veterinarian told me that there were no horses in Kuwait that were better looked after … health wise and especially from a kindness of care stand point”.   Means much to the breeders that parted with their very best.  To follow this point, Ayad has built a state of the art breeding facility to support his team in giving his beloved Arabian horses the finest care.
Horses run deep in the history of the Thuwainy family.  Ayad’s dedication, and responsibility to his family’s construction business has been of primary importance in his life.   And is very much so to date, but finally when he could allocate time to his horse passion,  … he went about it as methodically as he has in every other area of his life, brick by brick.  Ayad’s goal was lofty, … more so than he probably understood at the time.  That goal was to own and breed the finest straight Egyptian Arabian horses.  “ In black “.      
To be clear on Ayad’s description .. his goal was not to own “the best black “ straight Egyptians… it was to cover the globe, and purchase the “highest quality straight Egyptians”… “in black”.  The daunting challenge of that process did not seem to phase Ayad, he was patient and discriminating regarding every individual that he purchased and not judgmental as to from what Egyptian bloodline he chose from.  Ayad’s theory was that there were strategic traits from each of the different bloodlines he would choose from for the core of his breeding program. 
For Ayad , yes he loves blacks- he really loves blacks horses… but for him it is more than just breeding for a color.  There are traits that contribute to the breed that are personally important to his efforts..  Which are , and especially coming from the harsh desert sun and heat….. skin color, pigment and dark eyes. Each serious considerations for the future health of the Arabian horse.  
“ Myself and Jeff Wintersteen  have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Thuwainy and his remarkable team- including William Oppen, of which horsemen don’t come better than Willi. We learn something new from Ayad every time we get to visit him … not to mention we have a lot of fun together   !!!!.  Ayad is a brilliant man and breeder, with and incredibly open mind. “
To further the future of the Al Ghanayim Stud Breeding program,  Ayad has recently purchased a stunning purebred black, Arabian stallion from longtime breeder Gigi Grasso.  Jakhal Alfabia ( ZT Marwteyn x ZT Magna Psyche by ZT Magnanimous) will be primarily bred  to the straight Egyptian daughters and grand daughters of 
Thee Desperado. 
It is going to be an exciting time for this ever-evolving, fascinating breeding program. 
So….. looking forward to the next chapter of champions from Al Ghanayim Stud.

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