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Words  by Beth Ellen Hunziker

The value of history is that it provides us with a map to lead us to our desired destination. We all travel our own path, however, life also provides friends to make our journey more enjoyable and mentors who guide us with their knowledge and experience.

When Mr. Mohamed Al Omar fell in love with Arabian horses, it was the straight Egyptian Arabian horse that captured his heart and became his inspiration to establish Al Danat Stud Straight Egyptian Arabians. His goals include preserving the history of the Arabian Horse, which he hopes to achieve this by providing fresh energy and new vitality to proven historic bloodlines, protecting them for future generations. He is also committed to improving the overall quality of the Arabian breed by offering the services of his stallions with classic Egyptian bloodlines to breeders with mares of straight Egyptian pedigrees as well as mares of diverse breeding.  

Among the most well known and successful straight Egyptian stallions in the Middle East, today is  Shamekh Al Danat, bred and owned by Al Danat Stud. Born in 2009, Shamekh Al Danat is a stallion of the Dahman Shahwan line. Shamekh represents one of the strongest and most prolific sire lines among straight Egyptian breeding which is credited for producing countless champions and champion-producing mares and stallions. Shamekh’s sire line traces to these illustrious stallions: Shamekh Al Danat_Ajmal Al Kout_Anasata Hejazi_Ansata Halim Shah_ Ansata Ibn Halima_ Nazeer, etc. Generation after generation, these stallions have contributed their ethereal beauty, exquisite refinement, and noble character to the breed through straight Egyptian breeding as well as non-straight Egyptian Arabians. 

Shamekh Al Danat also has an incredible dam line, which as every successful breeder knows is the key to breeding strength. Mohamed Al Omar strongly credits the Ansata mares for their contributions and he proudly states that Shamek Al Danat has no less than nine crosses to the priceless foundation mare of Ansata Arabian Stud, Ansata Bint Bukra. Recently, Judith Forbis shared the story of this important and influential mare in her new book, “Born To Reign, Ansata Bint Bukra,” which includes some of her descendants at Al Danat Stud.

Shamekh Al Danat has had a successful show career, winning numerous titles and awards. However, his greatest achievement has been as a sire of exceptional offspring. Through them, Shamekh Al Danat will go down in history as one of the most important and influential stallions of his generation - and beyond. 

Shamekh Al Danat’s show record includes these noteworthy titles:

2012 Kuwait Egyptian Arabian Horse Festival Bronze Champion

2013 Kuwait Egyptian Arabian Horse Festival Bronze Champion

2014 Kuwait International Egyptian Event 1st Place

2014 SEWC Championship, Italy  Silver Champion 

2015 Berlin Cup Straight Egyptian Show First Place and Gold Champion

2016 Egyptian Event Europe Silver Champion

A breeder may believe their horse is extremely special, yet when that belief is shared by other internationally respected breeders, as well as by judges, experts, and other highly regarded professionals, then it holds even greater meaning. International breeding programs have endorsed Shamekh Al Danat including Al Rayyan Stud and Al Shaqab Stud of Doha, Qatar. Stud Manager, Sheikh Hamad Bin Ali Al-Thani, selected Shamekh to lease and use in their Straight Egyptian breeding program as well as with their international bred horses. This cooperation among breeders is of paramount importance to the overall improvement and preservation of the Arabian horse.

It is both an honor and a privilege for Shamekh Al Danat to contribute to the Al Rayyan and Al Shaqab Stud programs, two of the greatest breeding programs in the history of the breed.

Another important breeding program endorsing Shamekh Al Danat is Ariela Arabians in Israel. Eliko and Chen Kedar are responsible for breeding some of the most important - and beautiful - straight Egyptian Arabians of the breed. Having them also select Shamekh Al Danat for their mares is the most powerful statement possible about his qualities and the value of his contributions as a sire. This opportunity to share horses with such highly respected breeders will help to create the next generation of Arabian horses worthy and able to continue the breed.

“We got two very high-quality fillies from Shamek Al Danat. Unfortunately,  we lost one when she was very young but we still have one that is out of our top mare, Lutfina AA (Nader Al Jamal x Latifa AA by Al Maraam), that we will keep and use in our breeding program. We will definitely use Shamekh again in the future to capture more of the special potential he has to offer,” offered Chen.

Within the small yet passionate community of Arabian horse devotees, we all rely on each other for support, shared knowledge and expertise. Mr. Mohamed Al Omar works closely with Giacomo Cappaci who represents his stallions and presents his horses both in Europe and the Middle East. 

Shamekh Al Danat’s semen is available through Giacomo Cappaci Training Center and can be shipped anywhere around the world. 

Giacomo offers these thoughts, “Among Shamekh’s best qualities as a sire is that he produces a very consistent type of foal. They have a similar look and style that is modern, but with classic beauty.”

Throughout the history of the Arabian horse, breeders have selected the Egyptian Arabian to add beauty and refinement to their herds. The Russian breeders at Tersk Stud infused the blood of Aswan to their herd with great success. When the straight Egyptian stallion Shaker El Masri was crossed on the Spanish mare Estopa, the important stallion El Shaklan, bred by Om El Arab, was born and established a new dimension to the breed.  Later, the great Polish breeder and past director of the Michalow State Stud, Ignacy Jawororoski, selected the straight Egyptian stallion Laheeb of Ariela Arabians and used him with the daughters of Monogramm to create some of the most beautiful and prolific mares the breed has known. Time and again the straight Egyptian stallion has changed the course of history. 

Now it’s time for Shamekh Al Danat to make his contribution to international breeders. With each of his foals, we see that Shamekh consistently improves upon the mares and produces offspring with extreme beauty, correct structure, good movement, and a very special look that is immediately identifiable.

Shamekh’s offspring show ring success has earned Al Danat Stud the title of Best Breeder of Kuwait for three years in a row. This success transcends the show ring and extends into the breeding area where his son, Ezz Al Danat, Shamekh al Danat x Shalwah by Sinan Al Rayyan, has become a champion and now, a sire of champions like his father.

Mohamed Al Omar and his Arabian horse partner, Abdullah Al Metrek, are realizing their goals of preserving and improving the Arabian horse breed through Shamekh Al Danat, his son, Ezz Al Danat, and their offspring. Mohamed Al Omar adds these thoughts, “I am grateful for the success we have achieved both in our breeding programs, the show rings of our region, as well as in Europe. It is our wish to share the special qualities of Shamekh Al Danat with other breeders so that they can also experience the joy of producing foals with exceptional beauty, good conformation, movement, and the unique characteristics that ignite our passion for the Arabian horse. We invite all breeders, regardless of your preferred bloodline, to consider Shamekh Al Danat for your mares.”

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