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1. Web streaming of the show based on multi-camera video service with integrated graphics (classes title and horses data). The streaming will be visible on website in a dedicated Show page. The page will display all time, above the video player, one or more banners dedicated to the sponsor.

2. All mailblasts we will send concerning the show (before, during and after the live event) will display the sponsor’s logo as the “sponsor of the web streaming”.  Usually 2-3 mailblasts are sent before the show for announcing the show itself and the live streaming feature, the last one(s) containing a Promo video with english spoken voice over and images of the showground. During the event, every morning a mailblast is sent 10 minutes before the show starts. After the end of the show, a final mailblast is sent with a video of the highlights & results.

3. A video (provided by the sponsor) or a slide show with sponsor’s advertising can be displayed during the show between classes and in the breaks times.

4. All videos of the show will be available on the same webpage (with sponsor’s banner) for on demand viewing after the show is done. The videos will remain available for several years.

STATISTICS: Our live streaming of Arabian Horse Shows in 2014 reached from 4.000 to 50.000 viewers/hour per show (depending on the show importance - see Livestream stats at, which equals to 2.000 / 18.000 unique viewers (Google Analytics) per show. Of course the public is exclusively targeted on Arabian Horses business.

Our eMail contact list consists of approximately 28.000 SELECTED addresses (the most important breeders, owners, international judges, trainers and specialists in the Arabian breed) worldwide (USA, South America, Australia, New Zeland, Canada, Europe, Middle East, Africa and also India, China and Japan).

real time
information & ranking

During the show, the webpage will display information about each horse is in the arena in each moment, and, as soon as ranking is available from judges, will display it below the horse name. In real time a viewer can see the results of each class, as well as final championships winners. In the same time, the viewer can go back to videos of previous classes, consult any horse pedigree, watch pictures and return to live streaming without leaving the sponsored show page. 

After the show is possible to watch again every single video as well as show rankings and horses information.

The same experience is available also with a mobile application for iOS, Android and Windows phone.


A dedicated unit inside the OB-Van uploads from the showground to the sponsored webpage, almost in real time, a short clip for each horse is entering the arena. The video will show the horse performance during the individual judgement (classes) or the individual trotting during the championships. As soon as the video is uploaded and ready (so available to the users that are connected to our website), it is shared on Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ notifying to all followers and “friends” the availability of the videoclip. This creates a very large sharing of the video, making it available to a huge number of people and attracting many of them to visit the sponsored page on our website, for a more complete show experience.