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Since 2005, Arabian Essence is the information source for many breeders, owners, and lovers of Arabian horses.
We have always been visionaries and innovators - we're always looking for new ideas - not only to fill the needs of our customers and friends but to pay tribute to these magnificent creatures we are dedicating our lives to.
Continuing our intention to honor our beloved Arabian horses, we have created a new and exciting project: 
For years we have dreamed of creating a FREE resource where breeders or enthusiasts can find educational information to help them care and manage their horses successfully. The basis of good horsemanship is knowledge and we want to provide this valuable and helpful educational information to our Arab horse community. 
With this in mind, we have created the ARABIAN ESSENCE ACADEMY, a collection of FREE educational videos designed and created to help you understand the best way to understand and care for your Arabian horse. 
We are working with top horse people, trainers, breeders, grooms, breeding managers, vets and more to share with you the various tips and techniques that will make your life and that of your horse more easy, safe, and enjoyable. 
ARABIAN ESSENCE ACADEMY is a nonprofit project created to give back to our Arabian horse community and benefit our breed. With this project, we also hope to stimulate the awareness of the Arabian horse to people outside our community and share with them not only the special beauty of our breed but also their unique and loving character.
Follow us, and watch for our debut episode coming soon. If you have suggestions for topics, please visit our website at Arabian Horses online directory - Arabian Essence or visit our facebook page.

This is our slogan. 
Won't you join us?


Show horses trainer Johanna Ullstrom  has always showed love and passion for horses, since tender age.

Although arabian horses have always played a big role in Johanna’s life, her career took a turn in 1999, when she showed the first filly ever to become a triple crown winner: Essteema.

The couple soon became popular, and their success opened the way for many more.

Johanna’s philosophy states that a horse that is eager to cooperate out of love is a happier horse, therefor her ways are always soft and kind.

Get to know her unique, gentle training tricks, everyday grooming and show preparation.

Feel the bliss that can come with sharing the passion for these amazing creatures.