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Ali Almomin Arabian Horses Photography

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Ali Almomin is a horseman and an Arabian horse lover. Ali grew up surrounded by intelligent and knowledgeable Arabian horse breeders, Abdulaziz and his brother Anwar Buknan. He started taking photos when he passed the childhood period. He gained strong support from me and his little brother to take professional pictures. Ali developed himself and he attended some training course in lighting. Ali has specific perspective in taking photos; it says “nothing matches the eye to see the beauty and the photographing only can stop this beauty in a nice frame." Ali lived in Dammam city in the Eastern region of Saudi Arabia. Ali And his brother Hamad studied the Straight Egyptian horse pedigrees. They bought their first horse in 2003 and the horse was Straight Egyptian colt. In 2005 they bought four horses, 3 fillies 1 colt. Ali and his brother raised the horses until the fillies became mares and ready for breeding after that they had to sell them because of their full time academic study. Ali continues taking photos and learning from the comments the discussion with the big middleast breeders such as Talal Alnesif, Sheikh Saoud bin Abdulaziz Al Thani, Talal Almehry, Mohamed Almarzouq, Khaled bin Shkour, Alaa Alromi, Dr.Nasr Mearie, Khaled Al hadad.

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