Ariaban Essence


United Kingdom

Abdullah Almeshal , a horse breeder and photographer. He started photography photographing landscapes and abstract. Not so long after, his passion for the Arabian horse made him specialist in Arabian horse photography. Abdullah lives in Kuwait, a home of many elite and well-known horses. This indeed, gave him an addition for his works by visiting private studs to provide photo sessions and commissioned work. He is self-taught photographer and he is always eager to learn from famous photographers. Horse photography is more than a pleasure to him, "it is important to have horse photographers around the world for documentation, they will certainly help breeders in choosing their foundation horses and future breedings", he said. His work is inspired by the works of famous photographers. "I always practice and learn from the works of famous names such as Gigi Grasso, Erwin Escher who helped me a lot with his precious advices, Irina Filsinger and Rik Van Lent Sr, Jr." He travels frequently to visit private studs and attend horse shows in UK, Dubai, Paris, Germany and Belgium. "I just adore Gigi's work, I can't get enough seeing his work all the time", he said.

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