Ariaban Essence

Kerstin Tschech

Würzburg - Germany

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Art inspired by the Elegance of the Arabian Horse
Everyone who experiences Kerstin Tschech’s artwork will feel her passion for arabian horses. 
Her style is unmistakable. Powerful colors in paintings whose significance is emphasized by dynamic elements and tension leave the viewer with enthralling impressions. The structure elements, which have an expressionistic touch, serve to reflect upon the elegance, wildness and personality of the arabian horse. 
Through this unique artistic realisation the observer is always able to discover new details in the paintings. 
Her paintings are characterized by large format sizes, which are an impressive eyecatcher on big walls.
Kerstin Tschech studied Art in Germany and the UK and exhibits her work in galleries, horse shows and VIP areas. Especially in painting arabian horses, she receives inspiration from visiting arabian stud farms, breeders and arabian horse shows.
In addition she is a horse owner herself and has the daily experience with horses since many years. Therefore she knows all the sequences of movements from which she makes motion studies for her paintings.
The artist also does commissions as she did for arabian stud farms or private owners all over the world.

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