Ariaban Essence

Judy and Kim Nordquist

7691 CO-62, Ridgway
81432 Ridgway (CO) - United States

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Racing across the Egyptian desert at sunrise with the Pyramids silhouetted in the background on a beautiful Arabian stallion--that's what dreams are made of!


Judy’s memories from that desert ride, the inspirations from her travels in Europe and the Middle East and her lifelong passion for horses has resulted in sculptures from graceful miniature foals to the powerful Monumental Life-Size bronze, “Wind Spirit”! 


Kim, after graduating with honors in Psychology and a four-year postgraduate, medical degree in Acupuncture, is now following in her Mother’s footsteps.  She is designing beautiful equine jewelry and is working with Judy to create Life-size bronze sculptures.


Judy and Kim have traveled extensively in Egypt, Africa, Italy and the Middle East researching Middle Eastern history and culture.  Their Collectors Limited Bronze Sculptures reflect the classic style of the 19th century French school of sculpture, "Les Animaliers", and range in size from miniature to Life-Size.


The premier artists of Equine Bronze Sculptures, Nordquist sculptures have established the precedence for excellence in Equine Art.  Nordquist bronzes are prized by municipal, private, corporate and fine art collections of Royalty around the world.  Their love and passion for the magnificent horse is revealed in breathtaking bronze sculptures as the exciting spirit of the horse comes alive!


Of all the comments about her work, the one she cherishes most comes from Robert Vavra, world renowned author and photographer (Iberia with James Michner, Equus, Stallion of a Dream, etc.):


“Searching the world for equine beauty, it is always a joy when I see Nordquist’s new creations – stallions, mares, and foals – and allow my eyes to rest on their bold stillness or grace in action.  Balance, beauty, drama and strength are the poetic elements that I seek in my own work – qualities that I find abundant in Nordquist’s bronze.  Strangely enough, because the Arabian horse embodies these qualities, it is all the more difficult for the artist to capture them.  Nature accomplishes a perfection that man is unable to achieve, but Nordquist is one of the few living sculptors who comes close to this achievement.”


Judy lives in the mountains in Ridgway, Colorado.  Her inspiration is her special treasure, the beautiful *Marwan Al Shaqab daughter out of the multi-champion mare, Maggdalina!



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