Ariaban Essence

Edwin A. Bogucki

Racine (WI) - United States

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Edwin Bogucki could easily be thought of as the last of the great Animaliers. Grounded in a classic style and technique, reminiscent of the old masters, Bogucki took a bolder approach to his subjects than previously seen in the genre. Imagining himself as the subject rather than a mere observer gave him an unprecedented understanding of motion and expression. Every piece of his work reflects the unique spirit of the artist who fearlessly followed his creative instincts toward the sublime.

In Bogucki’s later years, a trust was established to protect and preserve his artistic legacy. This includes the curation of the extensive collection in the artist’s estate as well as the concerted effort to complete as many of his existing limited editions as possible while the molds are still viable. Although Edwin Bogucki passed away in 2021, Bogucki Studios remain an active endevor in the skilled hands of his daughters, Sheri and Kathi who he instructed and mentored throughout their lives. By faithfully continuing their father’s tradition of mold making, wax working, grinding, and patination being done in-house, they will ensure that the remaining body of work is produced to the same high standards the artist always demanded of himself.

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