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Small but mighty…
By Evangeline Parker

Small in structure and big in heart, there was one name who took the Arabian racing world by storm. For those who know the tracks well, the name *Wiking (Etap x *Wilma by Pietuszok) is a familiar sight, and even now his name continues to echo around the Arabian tracks, proving time and time again the function and dedication of the Arabian horse that sits alongside the beauty and softness.

Born to Janow Podlaski in January 1979, this true powerhouse was only 14.3hh but made the biggest impact. His time at Janow was spent with 3 seasons racing in Poland, where he won important stakes such as: Comet, Kuhailan, Haifi, Witez, Ofir and Kurozwęki. His Polish race record finished at 8-4-1.

He was sold to the US in 1984 at 5 years old to Mr Jim Wagner of the Libra Co, Michigan for a reasonable sum. This was after catching his eye in a “silent auction” of which he did not reach reserve price. He was the first Arabian that Jim Wagner had purchased, and what an import *Wiking turned out to be! He was eventually sold to Dr James Budd who organised the ownership of Wiking under partnership with Town & Country Farms - represented by the Courtelis Family. After some time, the Courtelis Family bought all shares for *Wiking and remained his sole owner until the day of his death.


*Wiking on the track, photo sourced on the web.

During his time in the US he won just under $100,000 in his racing career, being named playfully as the “Chairman of the Board” of Arabian racing. His US race record was an incredible 12-6-1. He was named IAHA Arabian Race Horse of the year in 1985.

After his race career finished, *Wiking was not yet done with making his mark. He went on to sire highly successful race champions and by the end of 2004 his progeny had won a total of over 8 million US Dollars, which is the largest amount ever won by an Arabian’s progeny. As a bonus, not only were his progeny great winners on the track, they also were able to breed successful progeny of their own. He eventually sired 337 starters, of which 262 were winners.

*Wiking in training pictured by Johnny Johnston.

*Wiking’s sire, Etap (Celebes x Etna by Faher) tragically died at only 8 years old due to an accident, which makes *Wiking’s existence all the more so special. Etap was bred and owned by Janow Podlaski and managed to sire around 30 foals before his death. Though his quantity of progeny was not large, his quality certainly was.

Celebes, the sire of Etap and grandsire to *Wiking was a horse with his own fascinating history, which included being a circus performer as well as being regarded as one of the best Witraz sons of his time. You can read more about Celebes here:


Etap pictured above, photo sourced on the web

*Wiking’s dam, *Wilma (Pietuszok x Worskla by Laur) was born in 1963 to Janow Podlaski before being exported to the USA.

Her own sire, Pietuszok was a Priboj son out of a Taki Pan mare. Pietuszok was bred by the Tersk Stud, Russia and began to sire successfully in the racing barn when he was transferred to Poland in 1958.

*Wilma pictured above by Jerry Sparagowski.

Influential direct progeny of *Wiking include:

Monarch AH (*Wiking x Sasanka by Almifar)
pictured at 30 years old by Sharon Meyers.
Over a course of 3 years, Monarch collected an impressive record
and was also voted Darley Horse of the Year in 1991.

DA Adios+/ (*Wiking x Sanibel IA by Samtyr.)
A 5 times Darley Champion as well as WAHO horse of the year.
Adios won every major stake and racked up earnings of $622,048
over his race career - the highest in American Arabian Racing history.
Photographed by D Mihaloff.

Kan You Run (*Wiking x Kenia by El Paso)
who collected 15 wins under his hooves,
including stake wins and stake placings.
Photo sourced on the web.

Dixie Darlene (*Wiking x BW Ali Cat by ZT Ali Baba)
It comes as no surprise that Dixie enters the Arabian Horse Trust Racing Hall of Fame,
with 40 races ran she collected results of 17-10-4 and won in total $281,689.
Photo sourced on the web.

The Wiking (*Wiking x Nadoba by Ariel)
Another high earner of *Wiking progeny,
The Wiking won over $200,000 throughout multiple prestigious races.
Photo sourced on the web.

Influential descendants and relations of *Wiking:

Whisper (The Wiking x Sucha by Charmer),
granddaughter of Wiking and a multiple race winner.
She was also granted the title of AHS Premium mare.
Pictured by Light Rays Photography.

Wielki Damati (Ontario HF x Wielki Dama by El Amor)
Pictured by Zuzanna Zajbt Fotografia

Al Nasr (Way To Go x Mangalie D’Albret by Manganate),
grandson of *Wiking and winning 3 of his races as a 3 year old
before going on to continue an impressive sire line.


About the Author

Evangeline Parker Go to the author's page

Like many, I was captivated by the Arabian horse since a young age. I was 11 years old when we were lucky enough to acquire a beautiful Piechur daughter bred by Halsdon Stud, and since then I have never looked back... I have spent every moment researching, with my head in a book or magazine, and attending all of the shows possible to take in as much as I could of this magical breed. 

In 2013, I began working for Johanna Ullström, where I found my heart horse, WW Indigo (Ajman Moniscione x WW Indih by QR Marc). We have had many adventures together with much more to come.

In recent years, I have enjoyed combining my passion for the Arabian with my love of writing, photography, design and all things creative!

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