Ariaban Essence

Marco Vignato

Webtv Production Manager

In the 80’s Marco Vignato was working as sound engineer at Nova Studio, Vicenza and studying at the Arts, Music and Show University (DAMS) in Bologna. In that time he had the chance to be part of the production team of several records of Italian artists. Later on moved his interest to multimedia productions, working for several years in a software and games production company (Dedalomedia). This company was a pioneer in the first games for Mac and PC displaying videos and animations in full screen, and won several Emma Awards in Frankfurt. Around the year 2000 Marco Vignato founded an editorial and video production company and started producing magazines, documentaries and video tutorials in the canine world, introducing some years later also the live streaming as a service for International Dog Shows. 

The meeting and the join venture with Elvis Giughera and Gigi Grasso little by little changed the life of Marco Vignato and his team, involving them more and more in the Arabian Horse world, and making them nowadays the production heart of Arabian Essence TV.

Marco Vignato is always aimed by the passion for his work and put all of himself in everything he does. Arabian Essence TV gave him the possibility to realize many of his dreams, by creating an original interactive platform with TV-like live broadcasting of Arabian Horse shows together with live results, information, videos on demand and social networks connection. 

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