Ariaban Essence

Gigi Grasso

Art Director and Co-founder

Gigi Grasso is an internationally respected photographer, publisher, and Arabian horse breeder and owner with many years of experience and knowledge to share.

Gigi Grasso is a person who has found a way to blend all of the things he loves most into his business and his life. Each day Gigi combines family, friends, Arabian horses, photography, art, travel, wildlife, nature, and all the things that bring meaning to his life. The central theme is beauty; this is his muse, his obsession. Gigi devotes each day to creating, sharing, and enjoying beauty wherever he goes.

From the time that Gigi was a young man, he loved animals, especially horses. He owned Andalusians and rode them In high school level equitation. One day, his vet, who wrote articles for magazines, asked Gigi to take some photos to illustrate his articles. At that time, Gigi knew very little about photography. But he soon discovered he enjoyed it very much and he became determined to master this art. He started to travel and practice his skills.

On a trip to the United States, he saw an ad for Ansata Arabians. He had always wanted to photograph Arabians because of their unique beauty and character. He contacted Judith Forbis who invited him to the farm. The very first Arabian he photographed was the world-famous stallion Ansata Halim Shah, who was just a two-year-old colt at the time.

That was the beginning of Gigi Grasso’s love affair with Arabian horses. Over the years, Gigi became a true horseman, a breeder of fine Arabian horses, an artist, a publisher, and he is just getting started. Today, Gigi is known around the world for his ability to capture the essence of his subject whether it is a horse, a person, a wild creature, or a beautiful scene. He captures the image for eternity in a way that is always unique and always beautiful. Gigi’s work is seen in the top Arabian horse magazines, museum-quality books, art exhibits, and more.

Among the most important works Gigi has created are his beautiful books. He has designed and published numerous books for clients and he also self-published books of his exquisite photography, each is truly a work of art. Gigi’s books showcase his signature creative vision, which is unlike any other in the world of Arabian horses, and have become treasured collectors’ items. You can find some of Gigi’s books on this website under Libraries_ Books.

Gigi contributes to Arabian Essence through his photography as well as his artistic and creative vision. Together, the Arabian Essence team is dedicated to providing their viewers with useful, educational, and exciting information as well as inspiration by sharing their love of the magnificent and noble Arabian horse.

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