Ariaban Essence

Elvis Giughera

Owner and Co-founder

A mutual love of Arabian horses, art, and design connected international equine photographer Gigi Grasso and designer, Elvis Giughera. In 2005, they established ARABIAN ESSENCE, a creative service that combined their talents, skills, and passions. Using their unique perspectives, they created totally new marketing and promotional opportunities for the Arabian horse community. This year marks the celebration of more than 20 years of collaboration.

Over the years, this dynamic and creative team has created stunning websites, published museum-quality artbooks for clients, published print and digital magazines, and a litany of additional projects ranging from marketing and promotional advertising to their most current, cutting edge efforts that resulted in Arabian Essence Universal Media, which also includes Arabian Essence Webtv.

Elvis Giughera, together with his wife Margaret, represents a new generation of Arabian horse lovers. They have built their family’s life around their children and the horses so they can include all the things they love and that enrich their lives. Doing what you love, loving what you do, and doing it all with people who you love and respect is the ultimate lifestyle. This is what the Arabian horse has to offer and so much more. However, all of this did not happen easily; it was achieved by creativity, hard work, sacrifice, and a deep commitment to excellence in every endeavor.

As much as Elvis Giughera represents Arabian Essence, Arabian Essence represents who Elvis Giughera, is as a person. It shows in every facet of the business. He is a person of purpose who gives his all to make whatever he does the best it can be, and he constantly strives to improve or to create something new, exciting, uplifting, that enriches his life as well as the lives of others. He is drawn to and appreciates people who share his drive and creativity.

In 2012, Elvis met Marco Vignato through mutual friends. Marco owned a live stream company that covered international dog shows. As Marco explained his work to Elvis, it became clear to him that they could provide the same service to the Arabian horse community. They formed a partnership and started ARABIAN ESSENCE WebTV, which is now the leader in the industry.

Elvis Giughera: “We are proud to say that for the past seven years, we have been entrusted to provide coverage of the most important shows and events in Europe, the Middle East, North and South America. The Salon du Cheval’s Arabian World Championship, which we have covered for the past several years, is the pinnacle of the European show season. It is a great honor to have ARABIAN ESSENCE provide our services at this prestigious event where the best of the breed is presented. In 2020, we will be adding additional European events to our live stream schedule, which is always present – 24/7 – on the ARABIAN ESSENCE website for our viewers’ convenience.

“ARABIAN ESSENCE has also created a strong presence in the Middle East. We are honored to provide the live stream broadcast for the Dubai Championships, Saudi Arabia’s King Abdulaziz Arabian Horse Championships, the Qatar National Championships, the Kuwait National Championships, The Egyptian National Championships, the Sharjah Arabian Horse Festivals, and other important shows throughout the UAE and surrounding regions. In addition, ARABIAN ESSENCE Web TV was chosen to broadcast the 2019 Salon du Cheval d'El Jadida in Morocco for the first time. We are grateful for the honor of presenting these prestigious events to the world.

“Through the far-reaching scope of our live stream, interest has reached the western hemisphere where we were invited to broadcast the Brazilian National Championships and Farm Tours in 2018 and again in 2019. In the United States, we were pleased to be invited to broadcast the exciting 2019 Arabian Breeders World Cup from Las Vegas. We look to expand our presence in these areas and others too so that viewers around the world can see and experience the wonderful horses and people at these events regardless of their location.

“Because the horses have enriched our lives, we wanted to find ways that we could give back to others and from this came the idea for our newest venture: ARABIAN ESSENCE Academy. This is a series of “Master Classes,” tutorial videos that teach everything about horse ownership, from basic horsemanship, communication, and health, to showing, training, breeding, and many more subjects. These tutorials will be taught and demonstrated by some of the leading horsemen and women in our community. We hope that through these educational videos, we can provide the opportunity for more people to participate in the horse lifestyle we love so much.

“Best of all – the ARABIAN ESSENCE Academy is for EVERYONE – and – it’s FREE. This educational project is not about generating money or income for us. It is to help new people, to support our breed, to promote our breed, to demonstrate our horses’ versatility as a show horse and as a pleasure horse. Most of all, we hope to show our horses’ wonderful character and the reasons we love them.”

“We hope you will explore the Arabian Essence Universal Media website and enjoy all the features we offer. We are here for you 24/7, every day of the year, so that like family, you can always come home to Arabian Essence.”

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