Ariaban Essence

Custom CMS

CMS (Content Management Systems) provide the possibility of inserting, actualizing, changing and managing the contents of your website in a simple and intelligent way. The use is possible without specific knowledge.
Our Custom CMS has been studied and developed to meet the specific needs of professionals in the Arabian horse sector and has been constantly improved on the base of our experience, thus making possible the content management with just a few clicks.

Our CMS has been created and developed working together with our clients, in order to get the best insight as possible and at the same time improving and simplifying the various functions.

With a few clicks and thanks to an user-friendly WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) it will be possible to up-date all kind of information of your website, from the content of the pages with general information on your farm until the details about your stallions, from the horse galleries until the relating pedigrees, in the same time with a wink also to experienced users who will have, if they want to, the possibility of direct updating using HTML.

Thus you can manage also contents with text parts, pictures and videos, with no need of extra software, thanks to the possibility to resize, reorder or create directly from the panel of the various galleries thumbnails of each picture imported into your system.

Through a simple and intuitive interface you can create pedigrees by inserting stallions, mares and their offspring. Besides this, the system is foreseeing the possibility of automatically creating the offspring of the horses in the case the offspring is already included in the database.

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