Ariaban Essence


Arabian horse influence has long been a part of Spain's horse traditions and is key in the country's famed Andalusian breed. Purebred Arabian horse breeding began mainly with desert bred horses imported for Queen Isabella II although those lines did not survive today.

Beginning in the late 1800s some Arabian horses were imported from France for upgrading stock but by the beginning of the 20th century the Yeguada Militar imported Arabians from the desert and from Poland which are a part of Spanish Arabian horse breeding today. Later importations yielded more Arabians from the desert, as well as from Egypt, England, France and Poland. Private breeders such as the Marques de Casa Domecq, Guerrero brothers and the Duke of Veragua continued to enhance the legacy of the Spanish bred Arabian.

Sadly the Spanish Civil War brought an end to the famous Duke of Veragua's stud, destroying the records of his horses but it could not diminish the magnificence of his celebrated "Vera" line of horses that continue today in Spanish breeding. The Spanish Arabian has become a key source in some of today's most prized Arabians including legendary sires El Shaklan and Magnum Psyche who each are out of classic Spanish bred Arabian mares.

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