Ariaban Essence


In the early 1800s various Polish Princes and Counts traveled to Arabia in search of Arabian horses ushering in the beginning of modern Arabian breeding in Poland. Early noble studs of Arabian horses in Poland included those established by the Szanguszko Princes, as well as Count Potocki, Count Branicki and Count Rzewuski.

The desert importations were not only bred together but the stallions were also used to upgrade native stock. Some Polish importations were also provided for the Weil stud in Germany. Likewise the very old Hungarian Arabian horse-breeding program provided some of their original Arabian bred stock to Poland.

In addition France became a source of Arabians used in Poland so that Polish pedigrees often represent a blend of several other European sources of Arabians. In this process of exchange, some bloodlines of Polish Arabians also became a part of Russian Arabian horse breeding.

War and political upheaval had taken its toll on some of the finest early Polish studs of Arabian horses but considerable effort was later made to rebuild some of the well-established bloodlines of the past. The success of the famed Polish studs became universally admired after WWII to the point that of the 20 most prolific Arabian sires worldwide today, 16 carry Polish bred ancestors.

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