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Other nations

While the above-mentioned nations represent some of the more familiar nationalities of Arabian bloodlines, many countries have also developed specific bloodlines desirable today. As previously mentioned, Germany and Hungary benefit from very old Arabian horse breeding programs such as Weil-Marbach and Babolna. Italy has long been a connoisseur of fine Arabian horse breeding. From Sweden came the famous stallion Aladdinn, the second most prolific Arabian sire in the world, who is of rare Polish breeding containing no Crabbet or French bloodlines. The Scandinavian countries have enjoyed the blend of Polish, Crabbet and Egyptian breeding.

South Africa and Australia have enjoyed Crabbet, Polish and Egyptian bloodlines for many years. Because they are large countries with much open space, Arabians are first and foremost desired for their riding qualities that have made horses from these countries a reliable source of performance capable Arabian horses. The same can be said for South America that has a great diversity of Arabian horse bloodlines and is often a source of Arabian horses found among today's international champions.

While the Arabian horse originated in its Middle Eastern homeland centuries ago, its popularity caused its exodus to many other countries. But in the past three decades, there has been something of a renaissance of Arabian horse activity in the Middle East as many of these countries are enjoying a newfound interest in their heritage. As a result, many Egyptian horses have migrated from all countries where they have been bred back to regions like the Arabian Gulf and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Likewise Arabians of all other bloodlines have followed as the exacting eye of Middle Eastern breeders seek out the best examples of their beloved breed.

Today the Arabian horse is a global phenomenon. With today's technology allowing shipped semen anywhere in the world, the next breeding choices can be delivered to anyone's doorstep. The Arabian horse of today and of the future will be an amalgam of all the finest choices available. But those choices will be only as meaningful as each nation's ability to preserve the best of its heritage and for that reason it is time to celebrate all the nationalities that make up the Arabian horse.

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