Ariaban Essence


Purebred Arabian horse breeding in America began in the late 1800s with desert-bred imports, some as gifts to General Grant and some from early sources imported from England. By 1906 the largest single 20th century importation of Arabians directly from the Bedouin came to America imported by Homer Davenport.

Shortly afterward a new registry was founded and Americans began importing and breeding Arabians from many other countries including all of the above-mentioned nations. America was also the recipient of a number of Arabian horses from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia after oil discoveries in that region brought more contact with American oil interests. Arabian horse breeding continued to grow in America for decades. Within two decades after World War II, America, and Canada its partner to the north, had more Arabian horses than any other single nation. Because of the enormous popularity of Arabians in America, at one point the country was the largest single source of Egyptian, Polish and Crabbet bred horses.

Owing to the great diversity of bloodlines, some which were preserved in America after becoming unavailable elsewhere, America became a principal exporter of Arabian horses to other countries by the late 1980s. Of the 20 most prolific sires in Arabian breeding worldwide today, 15 were born in America.

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